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Logic Beach designs, manufactures, sells and supports our offering of rugged, stand-alone data logging and alarming instruments. Our data loggers sample connected sensors and signals, process the data and store it to local memory for later download and analysis. In addition to data acquisition, our data loggers can output alarms, autonomously transfer data back to a central location, email status and reports and even serve Web pages with embedded values.

Our data loggers are extremely flexible in function and yet simple and quick to configure thanks to the unique and intuitive, icon-based HyperWare™ software. With HyperWare™, a graphic representation of the data logging and alarming program is quickly developed on your PC, then transferred to the data logger where it executes. To complement our data logging instruments, we distribute a number of sensors and accessory devices to assist you in implementation of your data acquisition project.

HyperWare™ Data Logger Programming Software
is included with our instruments and supports communications,
real-time data viewing and intuitive icon-based programming of
our data logging instruments. Examples follow...

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Rugged, weatherproof housings
Low-power… battery or grid powered
Modbus Interface to PLC's and Transducers
SureCross™ Wireless Transducer Interface
Fully programmable via HyperWare software
Analog and digital inputs
Up to 20 bit ADC resolution (1 ppm)
Wide temperature range operation
LCD for status and current values
Isolated analog inputs
Integrated Systems
LAN / Ethernet direct connection 
Email alarms and status with embedded values
FTP of logged data to FTP server
Cell phone connectivity
PSTN telephone connectivity
Removable memory card data storage
Energy audits
Field product test
Research and Development
Remote Inventory reporting
Process optimization
Measurement and Verification
Energy reporting
In-Vehicle Test
Environmental Chamber monitoring
Compressed air system analysis
Chiller plant optimization

IntelliLogger - Modbus RTU MasterModbus RTU Master
introduced for the IntelliLogger!

Now collect data from Modbus slave transducers and
devices along with hardwired analog and digital inputs! (more...)

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