Data Loggers - Applications

Logic Beach Data Loggers are employed in multitudes of industries and applications, including:
Electric Utilities Process Industry
Inventory Monitoring Environmental
Water Resources Vehicle Test
Product Development Meteorological
Energy Mining
Water/Wastewater Utilities Irrigation / Agriculture

Read the white paper - Data Acquisition Instrumentation,
an overview of data logging products and selection criteria.

Electric Utility Applications Data Loggers used for Power Generation Studies

Meteorological Applications Data loggers used  for Wind Speed and Direction

Process Industry Applications
  • Metal Refining / Production
  • Energy usage studies
  • Process control tuning
  • Outflow monitoring
  • HVAC System troubleshooting
  • Cooling tower efficiency studies
  • Compressed Air Audit
Datalogging used for Process industry studies

Mobile / Vehicle Test Applications
  • Vehicle HVAC testing
  • Reliability studies
  • Cycled Temperature qualification
  • Exhaust Component Road Testing
  • Vehicle Performance Tuning
Data Loggers used for Vehicle testing

Environmental Studies Applications Data Loggers used for Refinery Emissions
Mining Industry Applications
  • Machinery testing
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Shoring studies
  • Ventilation / Gas monitoring
Coal bolter

Water/Wastewater Utility Applications
  • "Special" tests
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Lift-Station loading studies
  • Water quality site monitoring
Data Loggers used for Waste Water treatment facility

Water Resource Applications
  • Irrigation District Studies
  • Edwards Aquifier Studies
  • Beach pollution monitoring
  • Site discharge monitoring
  • Well slug and pump-down testing
Data loggers used for Ocean water quality studies

Product Engineering / R & D Applications
  • NASA Fuel Cell Research
  • Appliance field test
  • Laboratory bench test data collection
  • Durability testing
  • Lifetime quantification studies
  • Hydraulic system loading studies
Field Testing Data Loggers

Industrustial Applications

Data Logging for Remote Tank Farm Inventory Monitoring


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