Engineering development of vehicle components tests the design skills of the best Engineers. Any omissions or oversights along the development path... from original requirements specification to material selection to application assessment to manufacturability can (and will!) result in a high incidence of field failures.

In-lab testing will ferret out many design flaws or unsuspected shortcomings, however the real test of a products performance, longevity and reliability comes from real-world over the road testing. With the infinite number of variables and operational conditions that a vehicle component will see within its lifetime, extensive road testing is nearly always required prior to product production.

Programming the HyperLogger™ in place via laptop and HyperWare Software

The Requirement

A major manufacturer of exhaust system components required temperature, back-pressure and engine performance / load data for a new system that they had developed. A rugged and flexible means of data collection was required that could be deployed on multiple vehicles throughout the continental USA to collect "real-world" performance data.

The Solution

The Logic Beach HyperLogger™ system was utilized for data collection on a fleet of vehicles in varying climatic regions of the continental US. Wired to pressure transducers and thermocouple probes as well as varying other sensors for parametric data collection, the loggers silently recorded operational data whenever the vehicle power was on... and the exhaust gas temperature exceeded 180F. Via the removable memory card feature, data was periodically collected by non-technical staff at the fleet maintenance offices (by simply swapping the memory cards) and shipped to the manufacturer's Engineering offices.

Logic Beach loggers are regularly deployed in many mobile and vehicle test applicatons. Due to their integral signal conditioning, optional isolated inputs, removable memory cards and powerful yet simple configuration software... HyperWare... loggers find themselves mounted to earth moving vehicles, airplanes, boats, cars, trucks and even riding tractors.


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