Natural Gas Compressor Monitoring


Natural Gas PlantBackground:

A large oil producer operates an oil field in a remote part of Utah. Part of the resources being developed included natural gas which is compressed and stored after the water is removed.


Equipment used in the compressing and drying of the gas needed to be continuously monitored for federal regulation compliance.


Voler (a Logic Beach Authorized System Integrator) configured and installed an Intellilogger at the Little Canyon Compressor Station in Eastern Utah. It monitors the temperature of two compressors and one dehydrator. The compressors pump natural gas from the oil field, and the dehydrator removes water. If the temperature goes too high (indicating equipment failure) or too low (indicating shut down) the Intellilogger sends an alarm. This is a very remote location. Power is provided by solar cells and a battery. The flexibility of the Intellilogger was key in the decision to use it. In the future wireless Internet access will be installed through a cell phone allowing the data to be viewed on the web page in the Intellilogger and alarms to be sent by email. For now, to meet a regulatory deadline, contact outputs are connected to an existing autodialer to send alarm notifications. The data can be downloaded on-site through Ethernet or USB connections to a laptop PC. In the future the data will be downloaded over the Internet.


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