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IntelliLogger CommunicationOverview

The IntelliLogger comes with a powerful suite of communication capabilities ranging from the full set of integral hardware ports to the accompanying network capabilities (FTP, Email, Web page serving, Text Messaging, etc)

Communication Uses

Bi-directional communication with the IntelliLogger whether it be in your lab or on the other side of the planet, spans a wide range of uses including….

  • Programming the IntelliLogger before deployment
  • Downloading logged data from IntelliLogger memory
  • Viewing current values of analog, digital and calculated channels with HyperWare-II, a Web Browser or for custom Web page applications with GreenWater
  • Viewing current alarm and status
  • Sending emails containing data and/or alarm and status messages
  • Sending FTP’s containing logged data to an FTP server… automatically
  • Serving Web Pages containing current values displayed in a custom HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen with thermometers, gauges, readouts, etc

Communication Ports

All models of the IntelliLogger come with a full set of physical connectivity ports including:

  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • RS-232 (two ports )
  • BBus (for I/O expansion)

IntelliLogger Standard Communication Ports
: IntelliLogger standard communication ports

Ethernet Port (Back to Top)

The provided 10-baseT Ethernet port allows the IntelliLogger to be assigned an IP address and connected directly to a Local Area Network (LAN). This feature can be very handy for easy deployment within a facility allowing access for anyone with access rights on the network.

Additionally, this port is used by the IntelliLogger to send emails, FTP data, send Text Messages and even serve Web Pages containing current values.
If the IntelliLogger is ordered with the Modbus option, then this port is used for Modbus TCP Server communications.
This port can also be used for interface to a cellular modem as well as Ethernet Bridges allowing for short to long wireless interface to PC’s or networks.


Cellular Network Access via the CP-62-x Cell Modem Option (Back to Top)

CP-62-x Packet-Switched Cellular Modem
Cellular Network Access via the CP-62-x Cell Modem Option

The Ethernet port is used for direct connection of the Logic Beach CP-62-x packet switched cellular modem… allowing all of the capabilities of a hardwired connection… but at a remote location that has cellular service.

Cellular communication with the IntelliLogger via the CP-62-x is perfect for applications that are distant yet still within cellular service range.

Additionally, the CP-62-x can be a perfect solution to access system or process status and parameters within a plant that has strictly limited access to their networks from outside. The IntelliLogger with a CP-62-x can be deployed in the plant without compromising the plant LAN security. For IntelliLogger deployments that may be relocated regularly, cellular connectivity allows for quick redeployment.

An IntelliLogger equipped with a CP-62-x Cellular Modem has indirect (i.e. via the cellular carriers network) connection to the Internet and can typically perform the following functions:

Scheduled or Alarm / Event triggered…

  • FTP of logged data back to a FTP Server for data archive
  • Email of alarm messages, Status messages, and optionally with attached logged data
  • Text message generation for alarm or status reporting to your cell phone

Web page serving allowing for review of Standard and Custom Web pages with embedded current values as served by the IntelliLogger

Remote control operation of IntelliLogger outputs and threshold adjustment of constants if so configured within the IntelliLogger executing program by the IntelliLogger programmer.

IntelliLogger programming, data download and Real-Time status and Trending via HyperWare-II

The CP-62-x system can be line or battery powered and the IntelliLogger can control power allowing for connectivity on an as needed basis. The CP-62-x can be provided in its own enclosure with antenna and remotely mounted away from the IntelliLogger for improved cellular network access. Connectivity between the IntelliLogger and the CP-62-x can be implemented via a standard Cat-5 Ethernet cable (up to 300’).

Modems compatible with all of the major US carriers.

Additional CP-62-x Modem Views | Modem Antenna Options


Ethernet Bridges (Wireless) (Back to Top)

IL-EB-SR Short Range Bridge for WiFi connectivity of the ntelliLogger. Shown with surface mounting bracket.

Logic Beach offers a number of Ethernet Bridge systems that effectively perform like a short to long wireless Ethernet ‘cable’ linking an IntelliLogger to a LAN or a PC.

  • IL-EB-SR
    For connectivity to an existing LAN over short distances (e.g. 10’s to 100 feet within a building) the Logic Beach IL-EB-SR which implements an 802.11b connection to an Access Point on a LAN. With this Bridge, the IntelliLogger can be quickly deployed on a WiFi network.
  • IL-EB-MR
    For longer range hops (100’s of feet indoors to miles out doors if equipped with Yagi antennas) the IL-EB-MR provides a longer ‘wireless’ point to point cable connection.
  • IL-EB-LR
    For long range Ethernet bridge connectivity, the IL-EB-LR non-licensed, 900MHz spread spectrum radios provide miles of range. Options include a variety of antennas.

PSTN Modem (Back to Top)
The IntelliLogger RS-232 (comm) port and HyperWare-II software support direct PSTN (wired connection, dial-up) telephone modems. The MDM-10 is offered as a standard industrial temperature range, ruggedized modem and the MDM-5 is offered for less demanding environments.

USB Port (Back to Top)
The USB port is typically used for direct IntelliLogger to PC communication for programming, data transfers and viewing of real-time data via HyperWare-II.

RS-232 (PC) (Back to Top)
Two RS-232 ports are provided on the IntelliLogger. The port labeled RS-232 (PC) is typically used for direct IntelliLogger to PC communication for programming, data transfers and viewing of real-time data via HyperWare-II much like the USB port.

Additionally, if the IntelliLogger is ordered with a Modbus option, then this port is used for Modbus RTU Master or Modbus RTU Slave communications. For RS-485 Modbus networks, the SCC-1, RS-232 to RS-485 serial converter module is available and plugs into the RS-232 (PC) port.

RS-232 (Comm)
The RS-232 Comm port is used for connection to external communication devices such as the MDM-10 and MDM-5 PSTN dial-up modems.

The BBus port is provided for daisy-chain connection to additional IntelliLogger expansion modules ( link to the IL- BBus.html page). Using standard Cat5 cable carrying both communications and power, the Input/Output capabilities of the IntelliLogger can simply be expanded as applications require.

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