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A powerful stand-alone data logging instrument with network connectivity allowing for FTP, email, Text messages and Web page serving of data, status and alarms.

Continuously Monitor Valuable Remote Assets

Access from your PC via the LAN and Internet

Internal memory for storage of 130,000+ readings

Stand-alone or network connected operation
Reliable Notification of Events and Pre-programmed Alarms
Web Page Server with embedded current values and status
Automated FTP of logged data to FTP Server for archive
CF card socket for easy data transport and/or data storage capacity expansion
Email and Text messages with status, alarms and data
Isolated Analog and Digital inputs for sensor and signal interface

Wireless transducer / signal network option

Modular Design for field I/O Expansion
Ethernet, modem, RF and cell-phone Communications Options
Provided with intuitive, HyperWare-II… icon-based programming and communication software
Easily Programmed for Intelligent and Conditional Logging Strategies
Low Power for battery, photovoltaic, and/or line powered
Uses include field test, Sub-Metering, inventory monitoring, Process alarming, Energy logging, Demand studies, troubleshooting and more
No Monthly Service Fees

IntelliLoger IL-80
IntelliLogger IL-80 System Base

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Housed IntelliLogger Systems

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The IntelliLogger™ Network Enabled Data Logging and Alarming System is a versatile new stand-alone, monitoring and recording instrument that incorporates a full suite of Network capabilities. With this added Network connectivity, not only can the IntelliLogger sample analog and digital inputs, process them and log them to memory… but it also can report and alarm in a powerful new variety of methods. Additionally, the IntelliLogger monitoring your connected equipment can now be accessed over the Internet to view current values, download logged data, acknowledge alarms and more.

The IntelliLogger System Base is offered in a number of basic instrument models as well as systems housed in protective, weatherproof enclosures with options ranging from Input/Output channel expansion to cell modem connectivity to photovoltaic power to dial-up modems and much more. Enclosure options provide robust protection, making the IntelliLogger ready for deployment in field, lab or plant floor.


The IntelliLogger is programmed with the new HyperWare-II software… included!  HyperWare-II  builds on the industry preferred icon-based, drag and drop data logger programming feature first offered by the HyperWare-I software used for the HyperLogger and ModuLogger data logging instruments.    With HyperWare-II, programs are simply built by interconnecting icons on your PC to build a Program Net.  This Program Net is then uploaded into the IntelliLogger memory where it executes.

The picture shown to the right is a simple Program Net illustrating the intuitive, icon-based programming featured by HyperWare-II. In this sample, two temperatures are being sampled periodically and their temperatures are logged to memory. Additionally, a differential temperature is calculated and logged to memory. The inlet temperature is tested for alarm level exceedance (180F) and an email (or Text Message) is sent if alarm conditions occur.

HyperWare-II includes core feature enhancements as well as a complete NEW set of programmability to support the network capabilities including….

  • Email status and alarm messages with and without attached data
  • SMS and Text Messaging for quick update of status with optionally embedded current values
  • FTP Automated File Transfer Protocol of logged data to a FTP Server for unattended archiving of data offsite
  • Web Page Serving of standard and Custom Web pages with embedded current values and status. Custom Web pages can be built with user provided graphics/pictures coupled with a suite of HMI objects provided within HyperWare-II including gauges, pumps, thermometers, bar graphs, alarm indicators, digital displays and much more.

Input and Outputs

The IntelliLogger is offered in a number of different models with a mix of inputs and outputs. With the high accuracy, high resolution (up to 20 bit!), universal ISOLATED analog channels offered in the IL-80 even the toughest analog readings are readily handled. Direct connection of process current loops, voltages and 7 types of thermocouple are directly supported and the analog channel count can be simply expanded with the addition of one or more ILIM-7 Analog Interface Modules.

Event, High speed Count and Frequency channels are standard on every unit with options to expand with the addition of one or more BBus connected ILIM-2 Digital Interface Modules.

Communication Options

The IntelliLogger is equipped with a full suite of communication options including USB, RS-232, Ethernet. To these ports can be added cell phone modems, PSTN (dial-up) modems, WiFi gateways, Spread Spectrum long and short range unlicensed radios and more. Modbus TCP Server and Modbus RTU Slave communications are available for interconnection to Modbus networks.

Applications (Back to Top)

With the IntelliLogger and its associated HyperWare-II software, the IntelliLogger is perfectly suited to most any data collection application… including but not limited to…..

Sensitive remote site and equipment monitoring is more important than ever and the IntelliLogger remote site and equipment monitor allows for secure continuous monitoring. Able to perform a variety of tasks simultaneously the IntelliLogger can reliably monitor a system, record critical operating parameters, generate information for graphic and standard Web pages, display real-time data, and send email alarms with embedded data or FTP data to an Enterprise Wide Database. Nothing beats the IntelliLogger for ease-of-use and flexibility, for the monitoring of your critical assets.

Example monitoring applications include: co-generation equipment, chilled water systems, photovoltaic equipment, stack emissions, remediation sites, water treatment and many more.

Perfectly suited for monitoring of new equipment undergoing field test. The IntelliLogger can be deployed with the gear to keep a watchful eye on the equipment under test, logging critical long term performance data as well as alarming and/or reporting status as necessary.

The IntelliLogger can be quickly configured and deployed for studies in energy consumption as related to building, compressed air systems, chiller performance and more. Multiple parameters can simultaneously be logged into a single data file… including power, pressure, temperature, flow, cycle times, etc facilitating faster and more accurate data processing and system analysis.

M&V studies are more quickly performed using the IntelliLogger and its multiple channel inputs and powerful reporting capabilities. Log the baseline data, use the IntelliLogger to tune the new equipment or systems modifications, log performance data in the verification phase.

Install the IntelliLogger to perform long term monitoring and alarming on a critical process including water treatment, lab water purification, refrigeration equipment, FDA compliant systems and more. Alarms can be sent to cell phones or email accounts.

With the ease of setup and direct connection to a LAN, the IntelliLogger also finds itself at home in laboratory applications during product development. Perfect for monitoring environmental chamber test conditions while simultaneously logging the unit under test in chamber.

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