"I have been completely satisfied when I needed to use the Crakker as it has always given me the tools I needed to correct issues I was seeing with production lines."
Rick Luzietti
Tooling Engineering

"I have purchased 2-3 crakkers in the past and have moved to another facility. I've added this required tool to our maintenance department due to it's unique ability to read all voltage levels with no complicated setups making it ideal for our maintenance staff. It's assistance to troubleshooting spurious faults and machine events makes it indispensable!"
Eric Synder
Instrument Engineer
Major Household Goods Manufacturer

"Everything worked fine up to the end of the reliability testing. Lessons were learned and we are ready to use this system on the next prototype that comes our way. The data turned out to be very reliable and consistent. Thanks for all your help...."
Marvin E Rosenberry Jr
Test Engineer - Prototype Test Track
Manitowoc Crane Group/Grove

"Your products combine unique qualities that are required by applied engineering research and development. Setup is fast, options are numerous, and editing is simple. This facilitates work into the field, in my case inside the boundaries of large chemical plants with restrictive operating practices and a sometimes hazardous environment."
Ray Collins
Engineering Sciences/Solids
Dow Chemical Co.

"We have had 6 months of experience with this system installed on a locomotive in Chicago. We are very pleased with its performance. The software is easy to use. "
Michael Abbott
Kim Hotstart Mfg. Co.

"I appreciate you checking up. It is rare to find a company that has such good customer service after the sale."
George Burkett
UC Davis

"Our experience with Logic Beach has been outstanding. I currently have been dealing with Logic Beach for the past four years. Every time I come up against a problem, technical support has provided the answer and sometimes showed me new and improved ways to use this data acquisition system."
Frank Kominkiewicz
Manager of Research & Development
XDX, Inc

"I have been using the data logger on and off for the past several weeks and am very pleased with the equipment. So happy with this unit, I have added money to a capital project, which is out for approval, to purchase another unit by the end of the year. Thanks for all the tech support and I hope to order another unit soon."
David Kallay
Pentair Water Treatment

"Thanks for the note and the followup on the loggers. I did go to Ft Carson in Colorado last week
and downloaded the one we have installed there. It is still running flawlessly."

Wayne S Hill
Sempra Energy Solutions

"I use the HyperLogger for monitoring temperature, pH, and time the steps of my process development reactions. This allows me to scale up accurately because I have a record of every time that occurred inside my reactor (100 ml to 1 liter). Excellent customer service and communication!"
Researcher at a major
pharmaceutical manufacturer

"The ModuLogger ..."will become a permanent tool for the maintenance department here." Very impressed with its versatility & capabilities. It will prove invaluable to our maintenance personnel in the future."
Robert Higgins
Project Engineer
Graphic Packaging International Inc.

Re: The HyperLogger... Yes, we started using it immediately upon arrival on 12/21 to aquire test data on Tier II Engine tests being conducted on all of our models. We've had no problems, everything is working great!!
Pat De Grand
Engineering Manager
Genie Industries

"Regarding a ModuLogger MINI: "Impressive. Customer has to tell me how he wants to use it. Looks like we can give them anything they want.""
Steve Snedegar
Account Manager
Seco System Integration

... since I used it for a project a year ago, I have not had a need to use it for other things. When I did use it, it was easy to do..I have to say, it's probably one of the easiest systems to use...

Charlie Seymour

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